Parking Brutalism

A Neighborhood Transformation through the Revitalization of a Brutalist Relic. Our objective in revitalizing the parking garage and residential complex of the brutalist building located at Kirchbachstraße 1-2 is to authentically capture the diverse and artistic ambiance of Bülowkiez. Our comprehensive approach to utilization caters to the evolving needs of residents concerning neighborhood enhancement and co-living dynamics, thereby fostering a sense of community both within the structure and throughout the surrounding area. By offering inviting communal spaces, educational facilities, and adaptable workspaces, we aim to cultivate an environment conducive to collaboration and interaction.

Our strategic framework is designed to address the contemporary challenges inherent in urban, regional, and societal development. In response to shifting demographics, evolving employment paradigms, and an increasingly varied array of lifestyle choices, our initiatives seek to provide innovative solutions that promote inclusivity, sustainability, and cultural enrichment.