Eco Viva

Urban Neighborhood Hub: Fostering Social Cohesion and Sustainability Through Innovative Design

Our design philosophy aims to pioneer a visionary approach to social and ecological harmony amidst urban warming, while providing refreshing retreats amidst climate challenges. Located at the crossroads of Anklamer Straße and Brunnenstraße, our 350-square-meter, initially sealed plot now hosts a vibrant, eco-conscious community center, promoting interaction and well-being.

Building upon community engagement, our goal is to forge an inclusive space deeply rooted in the neighborhood fabric. By emphasizing inclusivity, our barrier-free design facilitates social, educational, and leisure activities across multiple levels.

The ground floor hosts a welcoming neighborhood space and café, serving as a hub for informal gatherings. With direct access to a lush north-facing backyard, it offers a serene spot for summer rendezvous. Ascending, the first floor accommodates a seminar room and administrative facilities, while higher levels feature language classes, versatile spaces, and rejuvenating amenities like yoga studios and a conservatory.

Our sustainable ethos extends to energy management, leveraging geothermal technology for cooling and heating. Ventilated pipes in the basement circulate cooled air during summer, supplemented by a ventilation system drawing fresh air from the backyard. Come winter, the system harnesses ground heat to supplement heating, complemented by rooftop photovoltaic panels, ensuring minimal energy consumption and optimal comfort.

As a neighborhood nexus, our hub integrates urban gardens and communal spaces, fostering novel forms of interaction. Grounded in participation and resourceful design, EcoViva embodies a holistic, low-tech vision for sustainable urban living.