21 Modul

Welcome to Nordufer 10 in Wedding, where ingenuity meets sustainability in a collaborative student project. We’ve created a multifunctional space that seamlessly integrates vertical gardening, communal dining and relaxation. Our design features adaptable seating that complements outdoor conditions and transforms into a cozy retreat during colder months. Innovative vertical plant arrangements not only add greenery but also maximize space efficiency. Plus, we’ve ensured barrier-free access from street level for inclusivity.

Our primary mission was to design and construct structures with expansive linear load-bearing systems. To simplify on-site assembly, we employed a modular wooden system inspired by the 2:1 Tatami mat ratio. The interlinked modules form a distinctive disc-like pattern on the floor and ceiling, housing insulating panels. The facade, tailored to specific viewpoints, incorporates a mix of polycarbonate and post-and-beam glazing. Robust ground-reaching frames provide horizontal stability, serving as the six critical support points, while longitudinal trusses offer further reinforcement.

Our innovative approach not only streamlines construction but also allows for design flexibility, adaptability and future expansion. This project showcases practicality and sustainability, delivering a remarkable space for vertical gardening, communal experiences and relaxation at Nordufer 10 in Wedding.

Our project received the first prize in the annual ‚Best of‘ competition series at BHT in 2022.