Portrait | Steffen Landwehr

Passioned for current design progression intending to realize thoughtful, sustainable design. Experienced in different design areas thanks to an open mind and dedication to the field. Looking for the essence of the form redefining the point of view in each piece.

Born 1992 in Berlin. Grew up to the age of 8 in Latin America (Colombia, Ibagué). Further elementary school and secondary school completed in Berlin (Spanish-speaking European School). One year of high school in the United States (Texas). Subsequent visit of the Marcel Breuer School in Berlin with a degree as product design assistant. Followed by a bachelor’s degree in Integrated Product Design at the University of Applied Sciences Coburg, Bavaria in 2018. One month study of the module „Introduction to Marketing“ at Manchester College. Half year internship at the design studio Shakes Bkk in Bangkok (Thailand).
Successfully took part in the Design Thinking program off the Hasso-Plattner-Institute which has been developed at the D.School in Stanford University.

Apart from this enriching experiences I’ve worked for Vojd Studios as Designer combining innovative technologies in the field of 3D printing and traditional quality craftsmanship aiming to redefine the way we think about design and introduce a new aesthetic to the luxury fashion industry. I’ve developed concepts and designs for leading fashion houses like KENZO, Acne Studios, Moncler and Burberry.

Currently, I‘m working for New Swedish Design as Project Manager Product Development. By adding on the great Ideas of IKEA products we redefine the way of using the furniture in the common sense aiming to serve needs with thoughtful functionality. I’m carefully designing creations for classics like the Kallax to create high quality furniture and interiors at a reasonable price that lasts over time.