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Kehl Table

Sleek, functional and sustainably sourced, the Kehl Table was designed with the future in mind.

As the coffee table serves as the central element to the living room, the Kehl Table is composed of two pieces at different heights that overlay one another. The aesthetic “double layer” feature of the table allows the user the versatility of two tables, while conserving space and increasing variation in function.

The tiered design element of the table caters to a multitasking user, while reducing the appearance of clutter. For instance, the table allows the modern user to use a laptop on one level, and place food and drink on an alternate level, but easily in reach.

The natural materials of the table fuse together to create the simple, elegant and organic union. While most wood is sourced outside of Germany and tends to be cheaper in price and quality, the wood in this table was cut, dried, and processed in southern Germany in the village “Tapfheim” by the farmer Joseph Kehl. Similarly, the porcelain stoneware surface is both user and environmentally friendly, as it is a natural product that can be extracted anywhere in the world with little to no environmental impact. Ceramic tiles also have low absorption rates which make it a material that is easy to clean for the user.

The Kehl Table lives not least from its contours, but also from the balance of its geometric form and the spirit of authenticity that imbues its natural materials.

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