Toolbox | Steffen Landwehr


To find the perfect form for my designs, I utilize a variety of materials, such as blue foam, cardboard, paper, and found objects. Through this process, I create quick mock-ups and employ a flexible approach to working with available materials. By relying on associative images, I’m able to better understand the desired shape and efficiently visualize it through the use of the material at hand.





Tryk Prototyp | Steffen Landwehr
Tryk Prototyp | Steffen Landwehr
Tryk-Prototyp | Steffen Landwehr
Tryk-Entwicklung | Steffen Landwehr






Modellbau | Steffen Landwehr
Collage | Steffen Landwehr



Blauschaummodell | Steffen Landwehr
Leuchten Mock-up | Steffen Landwehr



Arbeitsplatz | Steffen Landwehr
Esstisch | Steffen Landwehr

Kehl Table           Tryk
CA03 Hip Bag          Costa Calma          Cutlights
Nest Desk          Layout          L-85
Re-Design          Liberté           Mock-Up
Exhibition          Wir Gestalten