Interface | Steffen Landwehr


During my Bachelor studies, I undertook a Re-Design project to create a contemporary and user-friendly interface for a professional target group. Our first step was to analyze the product architecture to design a suitable exterior. We followed these three steps: 1. Analyzing the arrangement of functional components /// 2. Transferring functions to physical components /// 3. Coupling and connecting interacting components.

Next, my partner and I created various mockups, drawings, and CAD model variants to design an interface with appropriate affordance while considering relevant ergonomic parameters. We used a plaster printer to create the final model, which improved the radiation switch, indication of radiation type, a clear interface, a handle-safe form with haptic feedback, contemporary appearance, and data transaction.

Re-Design | Steffen Landwehr
Bedienung | Steffen Landwehr
Strahlung | Steffen Landwehr
Ergonomie | Steffen Landwehr
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