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This Re-Design was a Project during my Bachelor studies. The aim was to provide a clear and user-friendly interface and to create a contemporary appearance for a professional target group. First of all, we analyzed the product architecture in order to be able to design a suitable exterior. We proceeded the following way: 1. Analysis of the arrangement of functional components /// 2. The transfer of functions to physical components /// 3. Coupling and connection of interacting components

Subsequently my partner and I have made various mock ups, drawings and CAD model variants to design an appropriate interface with appropriate affordance. Relevant ergonomic parameters were taken into account. The final Model was made by using a plaster printer. We improved: + Radiation switch /// + Indication of the type of radiation /// + clear interface /// + Handle-safe form with haptic feedback /// + contemporary appearance /// + Data transaction

Re-Design | Steffen Landwehr
Bedienung | Steffen Landwehr
Strahlung | Steffen Landwehr
Ergonomie | Steffen Landwehr
USB-Port | Steffen Landwehr

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