Try&Error | Steffen Landwehr


Introducing the stunning Earring Collection, a collaborative effort by Franziska Ruggiero and Steffen Landwehr creating the Brand — Try & Error Studio —.  Our brand is dedicated to creating elegant, minimalist jewelry that embodies the essence of each piece. Our jewelry pieces feature silver studs combined with AcrylicGlas material, a harmonious fusion of traditional and digital fabrication techniques such as laser cutting and handmade assembling. The earrings‘ beauty lies in their balanced graphical forms, contours, and transparency, which highlight the wearer’s profile, enhancing their unique features. Despite their simplicity, the earrings subtly showcase the wearer’s natural beauty and complement their hair and skin color.

BlueClassic| Steffen Landwehr
PinkClassic| Steffen Landwehr
WhiteClassic | Steffen Landwehr