Try&Error | Steffen Landwehr


This Earing Collection is the result of a Co-Creation with Franziska Ruggiero. Together we created the brand  — Try & Error —  a Studio with passion for simplicity revealing the essence of each piece. Our jewelry is focused on the material AcrylicGlas in combination with silver Studs. We mix digital and traditional fabrication, using laser cutting technique and handmade assembling. The earring lives not least from its contours, balanced graphical forms and transparency. Through its characteristics it emphasizes the profile of each woman. Despite its simplicity it allows to lure out her own beauty and at the same time it’s showing occasionally a gleam of the hair, skin color or color pigments.

BlueClassic| Steffen Landwehr
PinkClassic| Steffen Landwehr
WhiteClassic | Steffen Landwehr

Kehl Table           Tryk
CA03 Hip Bag          Costa Calma          Cutlights
Nest Desk          Layout          L-85
Re-Design          Liberté           Mock-Up
Exhibition          Wir Gestalten