Acne Studios | Steffen Landwehr
Acne Studios | Steffen Landwehr
Acne Studios | Steffen Landwehr
Hipbag-Acne Studios | Steffen Landwehr


Stockholm-based Acne Studios presented for Autumn/Winter 2019 collection 3D Fanny Pack Cases which emerged in cooperation with Vojd Studios. My part in order to realised this progressive piece consisted of the finetuning and quality assurance of the Design. I worked on the final sketches and developed a Design ready to be 3D-printed, polished, colored and assembled before being mounted on top of the robust bags using metal screws to give a distinct appearance.

Kehl Table           Tryk
CA03 Hip Bag          Costa Calma          Cutlights
Nest Desk          Layout          L-85
Re-Design          Liberté           Mock-Up
Exhibition          Wir Gestalten